Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fresh-Squeezed Pranksta Updates

Howdy! The leaves may be falling but the branches of the Pranksta production team are heavy with fruit. Here are the latest headlines on the Pranksta's goings on:
Final Pranksta Poster Pic on IMDB

THE HALLOWEEN PRANKSTA MAKES IT INTO THE INTERNET MOVIE DATABASE (IMDB-Woo Hoo!) poster image and all. The set was lit by Pranksta DP Edwin Pagan. Anyone making indie films in NYC will know of the prolific Mr. Pagan. He and the rest of Team Pranksta are listed in the film's credits. Check it out at 
DP Edwin Pagan makes lighting magic w/ a cardboard Pranksta

Pranksta, watch out!
Just in time for Halloween, Supervising Animator Matt Manning returns to the "Pranksta" set from LA after wrapping animation shooting for the music video "Awolnation" in 3D! Going full throttle for an intense 2-week shooting schedule, Matt and Carl are joined by stop motion animator Chris Rodgers, who swooped down from Seattle to help get the Pranksta shooting schedule across the finish line before December 1.
Another juicy new set detail!